Lifeway Embraces the Future of Work with Next Move to New ‘Coworking Space’ | Baptist life

NASHVILLE (BP) – Lifeway Christian Resources recently announced plans to reside on its Maryland farms in Brentwood by the end of 2022. Following a strong performance in 2021, Lifeway will move to a mixed-use area. An art facility with a design that fosters creativity and collaboration.

“We look forward to being part of the Maryland Farms community,” said Lifeway CEO Ben Mandrell. “This will be an exciting area and a great space for our team to create and collaborate. Our new space will be a haven for new ideas and creative thinking.”

Lifeway will move from its current location in the Capitol View neighborhood of Nashville to 46,000 square feet of rental office space approximately 11 miles south of its current facility. The building is located at 200 Powell Place, which is part of a mixed-use community of Maryland Farms with access to restaurants, shopping, a greenway and park, and is home to a variety of businesses.

“Selling our large downtown building and moving into a smaller, more open space is part of a larger strategic vision for the organization,” Mandrill said. “The new location allows us to be better stewards of our resources and is a better fit for the culture we have created at Lifeway.”

Mandrill said employees will continue to work remotely most of the time and will come to the building for collaborative work. With a work-from-anywhere culture at Lifeway, he said they decided to abandon the traditional office space model and instead create a space designed for strategic meetings and creative brainstorming.

“Lifeway has been a pioneer when it comes to remote working and redefining the corporate office. We have gone from a corporate headquarters mindset to a teamwork mindset. Imagine an environment that feels more like a college student union than a corporate headquarters.”

“Lifeway really embraced the culture of remote work, before Zoom became a household word,” Mandrill said. “We learned during the pandemic that our team was working from home just as efficiently as they were working from the office – maybe more. We want to continue to offer that flexibility and maximize those efficiencies while providing opportunities for face-to-face interaction.”

Konya Nilsson, Chief Human Resources Officer at Lifeway, acknowledged that work styles have changed among employees since moving to a completely remote flexible work environment.

The design of the new building will provide all kinds of creative spaces where employees will be motivated and inspired to work together in the community. Teams will have collaborative spaces to meet in groups, while individual employees will have a variety of quiet workplaces to choose from based on their work style,” Nelson said. “We want to support a hybrid work culture where flexibility leads the way with a focus on communication, giving employees the ability to To work from anywhere and at any time.”

The new space will be a mix of meeting rooms, workstations, a community center, and private spaces for phone and video calls, as well as spaces for individual work that requires focus. Plans also call for state-of-the-art podcast, video and photography studios, as well as post-production suites. Technology throughout the building will allow communication and interaction with employees working across the country.

Lifeway has occupied its current home in the Capitol View neighborhood of Nashville since 2017. While Lifeway sold the Capitol View building in 2021, it is renting out another space until the move can be completed.


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